Lyrical Pole

This category is for dancers working on their flow, artistry, musicality, and lyrical movement on the pole and during floorwork. We encourage you to explore creative concepts and movement inspired by lyrical and contemporary dance, or any kind of emotionally-charged movement to music that inspires you, for your piece.

Exotic Pole

This category is for dancers exploring the magic of sensual pole dance using heels, exotic dance technique, body awareness, and deep-rooted femininity. Are you working on fluid floorwork, technical heelwork, pole tricks that slay, and developing a sultry style? This category is for you!

Theatrical Pole

This category is for dancers who like to add an element of drama and the unexpected to their routines. Do you love telling stories with more than dance? Are acting, singing, comedy, or larger-than-life costumes & props your jam? Apply here!