About PoleCoven


PoleCoven is a 10-week pop-up program offering boutique dance workshops and classes dedicated to exploring artistic movement both on and off the pole. Brought to you by Electra Productions, PoleCoven is an opportunity for new and seasoned pole dancers to gather, train, and expand their pole skills and crafts. Based within Studio 4 Athletics in downtown Victoria, Electra Productions is thrilled to add the PoleCoven program to Studio 4’s diverse offerings.

PoleCoven is a space for members to enjoy the magic of pole dancing and floorwork in all its forms. We specialize in low flow pole dance choreography, including lyrical, contemporary, and exotic styles, and are focused on helping you bring technical polish and emotional expression to your movement. Our styles are influenced by the original pole dancers and sex workers who brought this form of movement into the world, as well as traditional, technical mainstream dance genres. We believe fusing together all forms of dance with pole, and creating new opportunities for artistry.