Applications Closed

Electra Pole Art Productions Inc. is thrilled to announce their second show, PoleCraft: Aerial Artistry and Other Spells.

PoleCraft is a gathering and celebration of aerial artists; those who create magic through their movement and concepts. These performers defy gravity along with the usual way of doing things, leaving their audiences captivated, curious, and spellbound.

Throughout human history, some have been thought to possess “unnatural” powers: the uniquely feminine abilities to heal, enchant, intuit, predict, convince, resolve, or seduce. These people have been both revered and persecuted, and yet willfully and often secretly, they continue to practice and perfect their crafts.

We invite our performers to explore the concepts of female power and corresponding fearfulness, otherworldliness, sorcery, illusion and transformation, secrecy, living outside societal boundaries (by choice or by force), and what it means to be called or to call yourself a “witch”.

Show Details

Show Date:

September 27th and 28th, 2019 (7PM)


Metro Theatre, Victoria British Columbia

Application Deadline:

June 30th, 2019

Performance Categories:


This category is for dancers with a background in other styles of performers, gymnastics or circus, and / or who are exploring the fusion of experimental movement with pole dance. Applicants in this category are not expected to demonstrate an advanced level of pole skills; the focus is on creative movement.


This category is for those wishing to focus on the traditional sensual side of pole. Your performance can be done barefoot or in heels, and may include some elements of striptease or clothing removal (please see our Performer Rules in application for details on nudity restriction), but this is not required. Please indicate if your routine will be floorwork primary (ie if more than 50% of the routine is off the pole).


This category is for performers with strong comedic, burlesque, costuming, singing, acting, and / or other stage skills. At least 50% of the routine should incorporate the pole, but applicants in this category are not expected to demonstrate an advanced level of pole skills. We are looking for stage skill and audience engagement.  


This category is for performers wishing to showcase an aerial skill such as silks, rope, lyra (hoop), static trapeze, or another circus art. If you have any questions about whether our venue can accommodate your apparatus, please email


We are always open to creative ideas that use the pole and aerial space in innovative ways! If you have a concept that does not fit within the categories above, please let us know and we will consider it in the application review.

Adjudicative Criteria:

We are grateful and honoured to have applications from all over Vancouver Island and across North America. This year, we've determined the following criteria for performers interested in applying to perform in the upcoming show. If you have any questions about the application process, or more generally about performing with us, please don't hesitate to reach out.

Quality of Movement

Applicant's demonstrated technical skills, ability, and quality of movement on their chosen apparatus.


Applicant's concept proposal and fit with theme of the show.


Applicant's experience performing in front of a large audience.

Balanced Show

Electra Productions’ commitment to present a balanced range of concepts, styles, and categories. Additionally, Electra Productions' focuses on pole art and performance. While our primary focus is showcasing pole dance, aerial dance and other performance styles that complement pole are also welcome and encouraged.


Electra Productions is committed to providing performance opportunities for artists from varying regions around Vancouver Island. While this goal is important, we have opened up applications to anyone interested in performing with us.  

Performer Focused

We are thrilled to facilitate a space for pole and aerial performers on Vancouver Island. Our aim is to showcase a diverse and inclusive range of styles and dancers. We are focused on creativity, musicality, polished movement, and story-telling rather than athletic prowess. Our goal is to create shows that move our audiences! We are always looking for performers who bring unique pieces, with an obvious love of dance and movement, to the stage.

What pole and aerial dancers can expect at our shows:

Collaborative Feminist Leadership

Electra Productions was founded and is lead by Feminists who acknowledge that pole dancing is highly nuanced, complex art form with a long history of oppression. As intersectional feminists, we are not only committed to creating a safe space to explore sensuality, but also fully respect sex workers and those who have found empowerment and freedom in the art of pole dancing and as a form of valid employment. We stand behind all performers who we choose to present and their artistic choices. We strive to facilitate an inclusive and supportive environment backstage, onstage, and in our audiences. We expect audience members to respect all performers, and we retain the right to take necessary steps to ensure our mandate is upheld and maintained in our production spaces.

Professional Theatre

We provide performers the opportunity to share their art in a professional theatre with proper rigging, lighting, and sound.


We prioritize safety first. We collaborate with professional engineering designers and riggers to build our truss system. However, we do require performers to liability sign waivers before performing, and suggest you carry adequate insurance based on your unique requirements.

Professional Competition Poles

We provide 12 ft Competition X-Poles with a plan for 8 feet between poles. Like most competitions, poles will be cleaned by trained volunteers in between each performance. You may use approved grip aides (Dry Hands and Dewpoint), but your skin must be free from oils and lotions.

Production Team

We engage with professional lighting designers, sound technicians, and theatre staff to ensure the show is professionally run as flawlessly as possible. We provide professional photographers and videographers for the event. Photos and video will be available for purchase by the vendors.

Green Room

We pursue venues that have proper space for performers to prepare for performance and properly warm up before the performance. We provide the basics such as access to restrooms, bottled water, and light snacks.

Technical Run

Whether you are a seasoned performer or it’s your first time, we want you to have adequate time to familiarize yourself with the venue, stage area, and poles so you can share your art with confidence. We offer a comprehensive tech run for all performers, and will ensure the stage area is available for warming up prior to showtime. Our production team will also work with you to iron out any details (lighting, props etc.) following the tech run.


We've curated this FAQ section based on common questions we've received since opening applications. If you have additional questions, please don't hesitate to reach out!

Q: What if I miss the June 30 application deadline? Can I apply later?
A: No, PoleCraft applications close at midnight on June 30 2019. This deadline is set up so that we have time to evaluate the all applications at once in a timely manner.

Q: What is the application fee?
A: The application fee is a non-refundable processing fee set up to support the curation of the show.

Q: Can I submit an application for an aerial apparatus I’ve never performed on before?
A: Yes, but please know that we will take into consideration your experience and skill on that apparatus when making our decision. If you are considering performing on a new apparatus, please be sure to send a video of a combo or two showing your skills and quality of movement.

Q: I don’t have much experience performing on pole or aerials, but I'm an experienced stage performer. Should I still apply?
A: Yes! We will consider your overall experience performing on stage, not just your experience performing or competing with pole or aerials. However, the more information we have (ie. videos) to assess whether your proposed piece will be a good fit for our show, the better.

Q: Do I have to include a video of my proposed piece?
A: No, but we need some evidence of your skill level and style. This can be shared by providing a video or a link to your social media account that shows examples of your work and style of your submission. For example, if you submit a proposal for an exotic piece but your Instagram account is mostly lyrical pole, you should make sure your application includes a link to a video demonstrating your exotic style.

Q: If I submit an application, will I be automatically accepted to perform in the show?
A: No, we try to accept as many as we can, but we do have limited spots for applicant performers alongside our headliner and featured guest artists. We will consider your application alongside our adjudicative criteria which can be viewed above and make our selections from there. You are more than welcome to submit for future shows if you don’t make it the first time! We can also provide feedback on your application after making our decisions.

Q: I performed at the inaugural show Eclipse in November 2018, will I be automatically accepted to perform in this show?
A: No, we are evaluating a different set of applicants this year. However, don't let that discourage you! If you've performed with us before, we have a good understanding of your technique, stage presence and quality of movement. If truly interested in performing again, please re-review our adjudicative criteria and ensure you are still putting forward an application that fits.  

Q: I looked at your Adjudicative Criteria. What does “Quality of Movement” mean?
A: We evaluate quality based on classic technique. This means we are looking for evidence of proper extensions (regardless of flexibility), stage presence, and the ability to link moves together smoothly from one to the next. We are looking for performers who show control and intent in their movement and avoid common tendencies such as micro-bending at the knee and sickled feet.

Q: Do the performers get to design their own lighting?
A: Yes! We try to accommodate as much of your creative vision as possible within the restrictions of the venue.

Q: Can I have (human) props?
A: Yes, but please include your proposed props, human or otherwise, in your application.

Q: Do the performers get a tech run?
A: Yes, all performers will have a full tech run on the day of the show. We set aside lots of time to make sure you can run your piece with the music, and walk through the lighting with our production manager on stage to make sure the staging cues are the way you want them. We don’t want you to feel rushed on stage. This year, we may have the theatre set up in advance which would provide opportunities to run your piece several days before the show if needed.

Q: When will I find out if I’m in the show?
A: We aim to let applicants know by the second week in July.

Q: Can I be involved in the show other than performing?
A: Yes! We will need pole cleaners and other volunteers for the show. Please email if you’d like to get involved; we’d love to have you on board.