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Pole Technique: Ground Skills

Pole skills class focused on lower half of pole.

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  • Studio 4 Athletics Dance Studio

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Prerequisites: We aim to provide a well-rounded, safe class and expect all students to use their best judgment with their bodies' abilities. To ensure injury prevention, students should be able to execute the following comfortably and safely: - Knowledge of safe grip - Walk around the pole - Basic spins: step around, inside leg hook, etc. - Link two or more static spins together - A “pole-up” with feet remaining on the ground --- Join us as we build skills and techniques for moving around the pole while staying connected to the ground. This class focuses on movement around the lower half of the pole. The instructor will begin by facilitating a warm-up and guiding you through conditioning exercises focused on building strength and core engagement. The rest of the class is dedicated to training spins on both sides, and linking them together. You will continue to build comfort with basic grips (baseball/regular and cup) and add new ones (such as split grip, reverse grip, and twisted grip). You will be encouraged and supported to work on your pole climb and practice various pole sits while remaining close to the ground. Instructors will regularly introduce spinning pole to interested students ready to practice spins and sits with the pole set to the spin function. The instructor will teach progressive exercises to prepare you to invert and hang from your knees on the pole. The class will end with a cool down and stretch. This class is recommended as a program to build a repertoire of pole spins, skills, transitions, or movement that you can apply to freestyle/improvisation or choreography of various styles. Whether you are building a bunch of tricks for yourself and Instagram, or intend on adding these skills to your performance, this class is for you. While the class is “all levels,” we recommend beginner students to feel confident in the Pole Fundamentals class before progressing into this class. Experienced students are welcome to attend this class to polish and stylize their basic spins from the ground, or work on transitions between spins (we ask that you only train ground-based skills and use class time to practice skills on the lower half of the pole). You can continue conditioning exercises on your own at home or in open Pole Practices. Bring a notebook to class, and document the activities and tips that will help you meet your pole goals. All classes will have a Skill Checklist document you can use to guide your pole progress.

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